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The MDRT Cyprus Conference Exceeds Expectations and Shines Globally

The MDRT Cyprus Conference Exceeds Expectations and Shines Globally

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The international speakers at this year’s conference captivated the audience and inspired hundreds of insurance advisors.

The success and enthusiasm generated by this year’s two-day MDRT Cyprus Conference were unprecedented. Renowned speakers from abroad and our country, representing 9 different nations from around the globe, alongside an excited audience, created a magical atmosphere over the course of the 5th MDRT Cyprus Conference.

Throughout the conference, the feedback and impressions received were consistently positive, leaving the organizers, the MDRT Cyprus Committee, justifiably filled with pride, a sense of vindication, and joy.

Over the span of two days, featuring more than 15 hours of presentations and a lineup of 20 speakers, the MDRT Cyprus conference lavishly provided hundreds of insurance advisors with inspiration, knowledge, and expertise. This event equipped them with the essential tools to enhance their professional practices.

The conference kicked off with a speech by the MDRT Country Chair Cyprus, Nikos Mettouris, who enthusiastically welcomed speakers and participants to the event. According to Mr. Mettouris, through shared zeal, vision, targeting, and daily teamwork, the MDRT Cyprus Committee successfully achieved the high goals it set for the MDRT Cyprus Conference.

As stated by the MDRT Cyprus President, this year’s conference had three main objectives: conducting a two-day conference, changing the venue, and enabling participation from MDRT members outside Cyprus.

Special mention was made of the significant increase in active members in Cyprus in recent years, now exceeding 100. Additionally, the introduction of the MDRT Academy, where insurance advisors not yet meeting the criteria for MDRT membership receive training to achieve this goal, and the Mentoring program, where esteemed MDRT members guide newer ones towards success, were highlighted.

Future goals for the committee include upgrading and improving the monthly meetings, now aiming to be bi-monthly, and organizing daily seminars with speakers from Cyprus and abroad.

The conference’s three platinum sponsors, CNP Cyprialife, Eurolife, and Metlife, represented by their General Managers, had also a short speech, followed by an award ceremony for all sponsors and supporters of the event.

The main part of the conference began with a speech by Kyriakos Hatzistefanou, MDRT Region Chair for Europe and Oceania, who extensively discussed the advantages and benefits of being an MDRT member and the efforts of the MDRT Cyprus Committee to organize a high-level conference.

Following speakers included Dr. Sanjay Tolani, a leading global insurance and financial advisor, and Coach, who spoke about fundamental principles for client prospecting and engagement. Svetlana Plitin, Financial Advisor and MDRT International Speaker, shared simple steps towards success based on her journey.

The moving personal story of the previous MDRT Cyprus president, committee member, and MDRT COT member, Loukas Tsoukas, illustrated how MDRT changed his life. Ghassan Kosta, Google Regional General Manager, discussed artificial intelligence as evolution or revolution, followed by Konstantinos Mouroutis, Physiatrist – Nero & Bioscientist, who opened new horizons of thought for participants with his speech “Less is More: Wealth to Give Everything.”

The conference’s first section concluded with a session featuring Tony Gordon, a legend in the MDRT and global insurance community, who shared invaluable advice with the audience and inspired them to continue their significant work.

The second half of the first day of the conference began with a presentation by a person to whom MDRT Cyprus owes a great deal, as he played a crucial role in its development within our country. This refers to Mr. Dinos Kyriakou, MDRT Qualified Life Member Cyprus, who in his speech showcased his unique approach to handling customer objections.

This was followed by five brief presentations from members of MDRT Cyprus, who shared their personal experiences and methods for achieving success in the industry. The speakers included Charalambos Charalambous, Doros Liperis, Katerina Christophorou, Panos Tsiolis, and Fotis Nathanail.

Next, Dr. Panagiotis Kouvaros, Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence, delivered a lecture titled “AI: The Science, Benefits, and Risks.”

The conference concluded with an inspiring speech by Sadro Forte, TOT Member and the incoming MDRT Foundation President for 2024/2025. Sadro Forte enthusiastically shared the steps to build a world-class business.

The second day was exclusively for MDRT, MDRT Academy members, and invited guests, including a panel discussion with Tony Gordon, Sandro Forte, Naji Haddad, and Svetlana Plitin, moderated by MDRT Cyprus Committee members Antigoni Nikolaou and Katerina Pavlidou.

Cyprus Insurance News was present on both days of the conference and will bring more insights from the event in the coming period.

Conferences like the one organized by MDRT Cyprus undoubtedly elevate the insurance institution, the profession of the insurance advisor, and provide professionals in the field with the tools to always improve for the benefit of their clients.

Rich photographic material follows.

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