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  7. Cyprus welcomes AXERIA with an evening that blends tradition and progress

Cyprus welcomes AXERIA with an evening that blends tradition and progress

Cyprus welcomes AXERIA with an evening that blends tradition and progress

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In an evening where tradition will be blended with progress and modern times, SoEasy Insurance and New Box Insurance will welcome AXERIA IARD in Cyprus.

This event will take place next Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 17:00 at the Ktima Oasis in Anallionta, Nicosia.

The main program of the event will include speeches by Mr. Yannis Nikolaou, CEO of SoEasy Insurance Brokers and Mr. Panos Ioannou, CEO of NewBox Insurance.

Mr. Valantis Elpidorou, Head of Programs at Arch Re and Mr. Sébastien Seux, CEO of AXERIA IARD will be in our country especially to attend the event and address the audience.

Also present at the event to address the audience will be the new President of PSEAD, Mr. Panos Tsiolis, while a delegation of the Panhellenic Federation of Insurance Intermediaries POAD, with its President, Mr. Ilias Tsolakis, will also address the audience.

The evening will have a strong Cypriot flavour as both the drinks and the menu of the event will be highly traditional.


With thirty years of experience, Axeria is the only French company specializing in multiple damage insurance for businesses, on human scale, and benefiting from an A- rating. Based in Lyon, Exeria places proximity at the heart of its model.

Positioned in strategic markets, such as property damage, professional multirisk and garages, Axeria knows how to quickly develop solutions in specialized markets and forge partnerships with wholesale players. With its employees, the company relies on a network of trusted brokers. Backed by the Somers Group, Exeria intends to develop in France and Europe, with the deployment of its solutions abroad, in partnership with local players. Axeria capitalises on what makes it different and successful: an agile, close at hand and innovative French Company.

Axeria Ambition is twofold: to deploy its solutions in France and Europe, so that each of its specific products becomes a reference on the market, while maintaining its model proximity to its customers and brokers, which is its trademark and strong guarantee of performance.

As stated on the company’s official website by its CEO, Sébastien Seux “In the ecosystem of professional risk insurers, we are recognized for the agility and relevance of our solutions and for the close proximity we maintain to our clients. We know how to invent new products, as closely as possible to the problems of companies and professionals”.

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