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What is crash for cash? (video)

What is crash for cash? Crash for cash scams are run by fraudsters who stage accidents, sometimes with innocent road users, to profit from fraudulent insurance claims. How does crash for cash work? The criminals cause the accident in a number of ways, including disabling their brake lights to cause the car behind to run […]

The season of the Motorbikes

Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders also share the roadways with all vehicle operators on a daily basis. These road users have less protection than drivers of other types of vehicles. Be cautious when operating your vehicle around pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders. Here are some tips to help you drive safely when there are motorcycles […]

The morale of the insurer and his devotion to the institution of Insurance

George Natar – B.Sc. M.Sc, MCyHRMA – Certified Business and Insurance Trainer Introduction Insurance distribution networks and especially insurers, or more properly referred to in law as “insurance intermediaries”, are facing new market challenges with an increased need for technological adaptation, and the battle to protect their market shares and profitability. Specifically, the approach of […]