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School health insurance plans OR family health insurance?

School health insurance plans OR family health insurance?

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School insurance plans vary, but one thing is for sure, you have no control over the type of plan they offer and the plan benefits. You will also be unable to change, adjust or pick a better plan that suits your needs. With your own health insurance, you have the freedom to choose any insurance plan.

What is the better option for my family and children?

In most cases, schools will always try to offer the best coverage possible, however, with purchasing your own insurance plan, your school might define some benefits your plan will need to include, but aside from that, you should have the choice to find a solution that works for you.

The cost of your school insurance versus your own insurance plan will probably be a leading factor in whether you opt for one option. If you purchase a plan on your own, you have the control to find a plan that fits inside your budget.

While benefits and pricing are good reasons to look at other insurance options, you also have to look at your own personal situation. For example, if your kid has an existing medical condition or if they are already a part of your family insurance plan as dependents.

What option is best?

The choice is a personal one, but hopefully, this has provided you with some food for thinking

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