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  7. The season of the Motorbikes

The season of the Motorbikes

The season of the Motorbikes

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Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders also share the roadways with all vehicle operators on a daily basis. These road users have less protection than drivers of other types of vehicles. Be cautious when operating your vehicle around pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders.

Here are some tips to help you drive safely when there are motorcycles on the road:

  • Never share a lane with a motorcycle rider. A motorcycle rider needs the whole lane to travel safely.
  • Be aware that motorcycle riders will often move within their lane to avoid road hazards like potholes and to maintain a space cushion from other vehicles.
  • When you are following someone riding a motorcycle, allow extra space between your vehicle and the motorcycle because motorcycles can stop very quickly.
  • Be aware that poor weather and road conditions and road hazards could make the motorcycle rider lose control.


1. Choose a smaller, older, or less expensive bike

Motorbikes that are smaller or older tend to have less powerful engines, which means your insurance will be less expensive. They’re usually cheaper to repair or replace and less powerful vehicles have less potential to cause damage or injury to others.

This might not be the case with rare or classic bikes though.

2. Avoid modified and unusual motorbikes

Having a motorbike with lots of modifications will make your premiums more expensive. They make your bike more expensive to repair, or replace, and more attractive to thieves.

3. Limit your mileage

The less riding you do, the less of a risk you’ll be to insurers, so your premiums will be lower.

4. Pay annually

Paying your insurance in full is cheaper than by monthly installments because you won’t pay interest or finance arrangement fees.

5. Improve your motorbike’s security

Fit your bike with an alarm and immobilizer to deter thieves. You could also install a tracker, so your bike can be easily found if it is stolen. Keep in mind that the cost of improving your motorbike’s security might outweigh savings on your insurance. But, it will reduce your chance of having to make a claim for theft.

6. Park somewhere safe

If possible, keep your garage in a secure garage or shed, or on a driveway overnight. This lowers the chances of your motorbike being stolen or damaged and could reduce the cost of your insurance.

7. Consider who rides your bike

Having a young or inexperienced rider on your policy means you’ll end up paying more, but adding an experienced rider (with their permission) could help cut costs.

It’s important, to be honest about who the main rider is though. If you don’t, you’ll be committing a type of insurance fraud and any claims you make will be rejected.

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