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The season of the Motorbikes

Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders also share the roadways with all vehicle operators on a daily basis. These road users have less protection than drivers of other types of vehicles. Be cautious when operating your vehicle around pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders. Here are some tips to help you drive safely when there are motorcycles […]

Ideal Insurance: The importance of personal accident insurance

Πανος Τσιολης
Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to provide financial protection in the event of an accident that leads to bodily injury, disability, or death. Unlike health insurance, which covers medical expenses, it focuses on providing financial support for individuals and their families during challenging times. Key benefits of personal accident insurance Coverage for […]

Why is Cyber Liability Insurance penetration low in Cyprus?

Cyprus Insurance News Team
Written by: Stelios Kaparis Cyber liability insurance is a type of insurance designed to provide financial protection to businesses and organizations in the event of a cyber-attack or data breach. Despite the increasing importance of cyber security and the growing threat of cyber-attacks, the penetration of cyber liability insurance remains low in many countries including […]

Ideal Insurance Blog: How to choose the optimal plan for your health?

Πανος Τσιολης
Choosing the optimal health insurance plan for yourself and your family is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some steps to help you navigate the process: Assess Your Healthcare Needs: Consider the health needs of all family members, including any existing medical conditions. Evaluate the frequency of doctor visits, […]

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